When you create a food plot or want to protect a reforestation or agricultural area, plenty of hard work goes into the organization and implementation of seeds, water and soil.  To protect all your efforts of land and food, we've developed the PLOTSAVER system.    


The PLOTSAVER system has everything you need to build a protective barrier for your food plots. The PLOTSAVER Stakes come in a convenient 30-pack in either black or white (color has no influence on effectiveness) and are made of a high quality fiberglass material, 3/8” in diameter and can withstand any weather issue. 


When combined with the PLOTSAVER Ribbons and PLOTSAVER Repellent, the system creates an effective perimeter to prevent deer, elk and moose from entering food plots and crop gardens.

PLOTSAVER 39" White Fiberglass Stakes (30 Pack)

SKU: ST-W-039
    • High quality fiberglass stakes
    • 3/8" Diameter
    • One Pack of 30 White Stakes.  Clips sold seperately.

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