When you create a food plot or want to protect a reforestation or agricultural area, plenty of hard work goes into the organization and implementation of seeds, water and soil.  To protect all your efforts of land and food, we developed the PLOTSAVER system.    


The PLOTSAVER liquid repellent is applied to the PLOTSAVER Ribbon and will create a sensory and physical barrier that deer, elk and moose will not cross. All natural and made of essential oils such as mint and rosemary, PLOTSAVER liquid repellent is a safe and humane way to protect your area.  


PLOTSAVER Liquid repellent is pleasant to use, dries clear and odor free and can be applied every 30 days, regardless of weather or watering by spraying onto the ribbon.

PLOTSAVER 840' White Ribbon

SKU: RB-W-840
    • Powerful physical and sensory barrier system
    • Lasts approximately 30 days, regardless of weather
    • Pleasant to use formula
    • 3/4" x 840' ribbon
    • Color does not impact effectiveness.  White ribbon will stand out in agricultural areas so as to not be damaged.  Black ribbon will blend in better to shadows.

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