Why You Need to Use PLOTSAVER

PLOTSAVER is a proven effective perimeter protection system unlike anything else available:

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At $0.04/linear foot, PLOTSAVER is a fraction of the cost of high metal fence:

This innovative technology can be installed anywhere, across any terrain and in even the toughest of soil conditions

Any size, any shape, anywhere...PLOTSAVER protects food plots until they can withstand constant browsing:

String up the PLOTSAVER ribbon around the perimeter of your plot 30" high, treat it every 30 days with the PLOTSAVER repellent, and when you're done, save left over repellent and ribbons to be used again next year

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Or, keep the PLOTSAVER system up until it's time to harvest your food or ornamental crops for the season:

Farmers across the country have used the PLOTSAVER system to increase yields on crops like pumpkins, peppers, lettuces, soybeans, corn, tomatoes, strawberries, peanuts and more.  Tree farmers have successfully used PLOTSAVER to keep their orchards, Christmas trees and ornamental growing areas free from buck rub and browsing.  Vineyard operations successfully use PLOTSAVER to keep wine grapes protected without having to worry about foreign products coming in contact with the grapes.  The opportunities for where you can use PLOTSAVER are endless!  

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